Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sterling Targeted by Loki Players

Over the past few weeks, Loki have been attacking Sterling and those who assist him, they have sieged Badmuts, Nordic1 and Elmo though the siege on Nordic1 was broken. Earlier this week, Sterling was kicked from EE and since then, after a brief stint in an alliance of his own making, he has joined Storm. His current plan of action to deal with the assualt is unknown.

EE and some of the members of Loki had been at war previously when SIN declared war on EE after comments Sterling made in GC were seen as trolling. However, although peace was declared apparently those in Loki have persisted in harassing Sterling by attacking sieges. (while he was in EE)
The conflict reportedly flared up after AC logs from EE showing Sterling to be insulting Stukahh were leaked to Loki.

Stukahh had the following to say in an interview with the Telegraph:

"Why did you go after Sterling again after the war with EE ended?

 I will keep my motives to myself.  Sterling knows why                                                                
Which EE players have you been targeting aside from Sterling?                                                       
No other EE will be targeted now the Sterling is out of EE                                                                
Was Sterling leaving EE part of a deal with EE to end aggression?                                                   
Since I am no longer in SIN I am not bound to the SIN / EE terms
How many cities of his have you razed?
So far, 2
Do you intend to noob ring him?
Absolutely not
What is the point in Loki never declaring war if you guys are happy to fight what was essentially a war but without the declaration?
Loki has nothing to do with  individual conflicts.  The conflict with Sterling does not involve Loki at all.  I just happen to be in Loki.  I am reponsible for my own actions.
There is a difference between a single player attacking someone and an alliance working together to take someone out. What proportion of loki players would need to be used against a player before you considered it war?
atm there are only a handful of players in Loki assisting me.  Sterling has been assisted by a handful of EE members."

At the end of the interview, Stukahh went on to say that he still has friends in EE and that they are on good terms.

Whilst Stukahh claims that he is not looking to noob ring Sterling in this interview, there are blockades and encampments outside of 3 of his 6 remaining towns.

Sterling has sent the Telegraph screenshots of hostile actions against him. These indicate Stukahh, Orcses, Snagglepuss, Goldy1, Gragnog and Sylvester have all been active in the offensive against him. It is possible that more players are involved as the Telegraph have not received any reports from EE.

Author: Eowan The Short

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