Friday, 10 November 2017

Stukahh's Exit

Gamers in MMORTSs differ in their effectiveness, and perhaps some might view there as being two kinds of highly effective player out there: Jedi, who try to make the game the best experience for everyone, and Sith, who value only the enjoyment of themselves and their boon companions. Good vs evil, in other words. If we look for a Sith lord in Illyriad, Stukahh is a good candidate. In a previous incarnation he founded NC, which changed the balance of power in Elgea and played an important role in the Consone war, shaking up what was considered acceptable play in the game. With two other players, he went on, as Stukahh, to found SIN, the alliance that more than any other has shaped the relatively bloodthirsty direction of the Broken Lands. Now Stukahh seems to have announced his retirement: A final message to the commoners of GC. My tenure in Illyriad is over. Rather than make a formal statement this link basically summarizes my thoughts on the community here with the exception of a few.
The uptake is that Stukahh doesn't seem to think the game has any Jedi worth speaking of, only liars and cowards who bleat on about Illyriad's wonderful community and how it should be respected. Did NC and the SINdicate improve the game? They certainly were not afraid to have fun at the expense of the way that others enjoyed their game (Stukahh once said something along the lines of that Loki's motto should be having fun at your expense). But they chose fights as fair as they could and they raised the level of the military side of the game. I think they have made the game more what it should be. Has Stukahh really gone for good? Will he keep in touch with players like Fiona? I guess that one way or another an age of the game is coming to an end, with the departure of a great, dark player. I hope for the game's sake the gaping hole he leaves can be filled well. Alti