Friday, 14 October 2016

RIF closes down

Today, with a heavy heart, I announce something I wished I would never have to. I am closing the RIF. This is due to the fact that I need to spend more time on my college work and the RIF takes up quite a bit of my time.
The RIF has never made a net loss in the 9 1/2 months it has been going and that is a record I am proud of. I would like to thank IKnights and Captain John for their help with the running of the RIF and my investors who trusted me with their gold.
The final value of the aurum is 358.59.
Gold will be returned to investors tonight around 9-10 pm server time.
In general, the reaction to an investment bank was awesome and it was a great experience. The support from both the community and the devs was amazing. I hope that others can see what is possible and make their own banks and financial systems.

When I leave college, I may open another investment bank, in which case investors in the RIF will be given first refusal on shares up to their current level of investment.

Author: Eowan The Short

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Harmless? and Toothless? merge

On the 1st of October, Starry announced that T? was going to merge into it's sister alliance H? on the forums. He posted the following:

Announcing the Merger of Toothless? into Harmless? effective October 1, 2016

It is with mixed emotions the leaders of Harmless and Toothless announce the merger of Toothless into Harmless effective today.    Kodabear and all Chancellors before him have successfully provided new players to Illyriad, with a safe and productive alliance in which to learn the game.  Toothless was the very first training alliance in Illyriad. Due to the decrease in new players and Koda's growing real life demands, Kodabear requested the merger.   Harmless, which is no longer a military focused alliance, has embraced the challenge and will provide the same services for new players within the Harmless alliance.    Harmless plans to integrate the existing Toothless new player program into our alliance.    We will be accepting new players.   

In May of 2010 the idea was presented to the Harmless Directors that we should do something to protect new players, the idea of Toothless became a reality on May 8, 2010.  As Toothless' founder,  I thank the Directors of Harmless and Harmless members who had the vision and defended the right for new players to grow and learn the game in peace.    I also wish to thank Lord Belargyle of Dlords for his courage and vision, he was one of the first outside of Harmless to support Toothless, on the forums and with his valiant troops.  Many other alliances have supported the right for Toothless to exist in peace over the history of this alliance, thank you so much for your support.   I am very proud of Toothless and the tireless work of all its current and past Chancellors.   Toothless Chancellors and Staff have provided an alliance in which new players can learn the game, grow and then pursue their own interests. 

List of Toothless Chancellors:

Aziza Habibte
KodaBear the Great 

The current and past staff are too numerous to list, but my heartfelt gratitude does out to all those that have contributed to the success of Toothless.   I can't begin to estimate the number of players in this game that started out in Toothless, graduates of Toothless are spread throughout many alliances in this game.   It's been a long and rewarding road to watch Toothless evolve into the great alliance they are today.  Harmless hopes to provide the same services to new players.      New players will have the option of continuing on in Harmless once they meet our requirements or move to another alliance that better suits their game play.     The focus of military action (conflicts and wars) will not be offered in Harmless as we are no longer interested in that aspect of the game and pursue peace by all means.  Harmless will offer basic military training, as well as crafting, city expansion and other aspects of the game as has always been provided in T?. 

The name of Toothless will be retained with one alternate account but will be closed to any members.    I'm sure I speak for many when I state the thought of Toothless disappearing from the list of alliances in this game, is just too much to bear at this point.   

This is a new direction for Harmless, our members have always been protective and supportive of Toothless and this merger is a natural fit for both alliances.   

Personally, I want to thank all of the players and alliances in Illy who supported the idea of a safe haven for new players and embraced the philosophy that new players should be allowed to join and play in the game in peace.     It was a great campaign, encouraged and supported by many throughout the early days of this game.     Thank you for supporting the idea and merits of training alliances.

To Kodabear and existing Staff of guys are the best.   Thank you for taking Toothless well beyond our initial dream.    Worship

We ask for patience while we begin this transition.   Thanks everyone in Illy!

This is the third major alliance to begin to merge/dissolve recently. TUF have announced that they are going to begin to dissolve soon after Agalloch and ThorOdin got banned and AianNick abandoned. HUGcr is also in the process of dismantling itself citing a lack of 'leaders or willing leaders to keep it up'. 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

End of The Tinker's Tournament

The Tinker's Tournament is now over. vCrow have come in first place with 198 days, 4hrs and 41 minutes spent on a tournament square. Queen Bikini had the following to say:
 I can only say that this tournament was just awesome. In particular was the battle for the Perri square. 7 million troops fought and died. Dlords and Vcrow had so much fun and nail biting for a square that was not decided until a little over an hour left in the tourney. Vcrow members both big and small participated in what was a huge alliance turnout. Hats off to all the alliances that participated and thanks to Dlords for making it do down to the end in one very hard fought square that will become the legend of Perri.

VTX were a close second with 196 days and 49 mins. Mahaut gave this statement to the Telegraph about the tournament:
Congratulations to Vcrow for winning
Great fun, good fights, very enjoyable tourney. I do believe that overall a 3 week one would be better though, by the 4th week it tends to turn into a bit of a slog and we've all got real lives (shock horror!!).
Kudos to nCrow, eCrow and SkB for some excellent battle tactics.
I have no idea where most of our troops have ended up we'll be rummaging around to get that sorted out for weeks lol

Thanks to the devs for organising it.

nCrow managed to take third from SkB in the last couple of days of the tournament with 193 days, 5 hours and 37 mins. Rill had this to say about it:
I am, as always, proud to be a part of the Nest.

The Telegraph would like to congratulate all involved, this was a fun tournament and hopefully there will be more like it in the future, both player and dev run.

Tournament Rankings at the end of the tournament:
YesterdayNowMidnightAllianceOccupation Time
No Change 1No Change Valiant Crows [vCrow]198 days 4 hrs 41 mins
No Change 2No Change VicToRix [VTX]196 days 49 mins
No Change 3No Change Crow's Nest [nCrow]193 days 5 hrs 37 mins
No Change 4No Change Skeleton Boar [SkB]171 days 19 hrs 25 mins
No Change 5No Change Order of the Orc [HORDE]137 days 17 hrs 15 mins
No Change 6No Change Eight Hand Crow [eCrow]94 days 6 hrs 12 mins
No Change 7No Change Slaves to Armok [StA]85 days 7 hrs
No Change 8No Change The Gateway [GATE]68 days 4 hrs 47 mins
No Change 9No Change Holy Storm Company [Storm]64 days 12 hrs 41 mins
No Change 10No Change EAGLES EYRIE [EE]63 days 17 hrs 38 mins
+1 Rising 11No Change Murder of Crows [mCrow]61 days 8 hrs 54 mins
-1 Falling 12No Change The Pirate Kings [YARR!]60 days 8 hrs 29 mins
No Change 13No Change Æsir [Æsir]54 days 10 hrs 40 mins
No Change 14No Change The Colonist Empire [TCol]52 days 7 hrs 39 mins
No Change 15No Change Absaroke [Absa]46 days 4 hrs 1 min
No Change 16No Change Shrapnel's FDU [FDU-S]46 days 1 hr 7 mins
No Change 17No Change Southland Sentinels [SOUTH]41 days 17 hrs 56 mins
No Change 18No Change Hogwarts at Illyriad [Hog]35 days 1 hr 31 mins
No Change 19No Change Fairy Road Authority [Roads]29 days 19 hrs 52 mins
No Change 20No Change Roman Empire [RE]27 days 11 hrs 47 mins
No Change 21No Change Calaquendi Crow [Calcr]23 days 12 hrs 3 mins
No Change 22No Change The Unfettered [TUF]21 days 20 hrs 32 mins
No Change 23No Change SnugglersCrowalition [HUGcr]18 days 22 hrs 30 mins
No Change 24No Change The Fellowship [TFotR]15 days 23 hrs 56 mins
+1 Rising 25No Change Achaean's League [ACHE]13 days 21 hrs 56 mins
-1 Falling 26No Change Dwarven Lords [Dlord]13 days 10 hrs 45 mins
+1 Rising 27No Change Hellfire [Hell]13 days 10 hrs 4 mins
+1 Rising 28No Change Marauders by default [M.d]13 days 7 hrs 4 mins
-2 Falling 29No Change PRAEVALEO [PRVAL]12 days 20 hrs 19 mins
No Change 30No Change Love And Freedom [Laugh]11 days 3 hrs 40 mins
No Change 31No Change Harmless? [H?]11 days 1 hr 23 mins
No Change 32No Change Ouroborosian [Riot]7 days 21 hrs 11 mins
No Change 33No Change Orc Boyz Crew [OBC]6 days 14 hrs 36 mins
No Change 34No Change Illyria Fairy Nation [Fairy]5 days 20 hrs 53 mins
No Change 35No Change Southern Kingdoms [SKs]5 days 18 hrs 25 mins
No Change 36No Change The Grey Company [G!]5 days 14 hrs 13 mins
No Change 37No Change Alizés [AZ]5 days 7 hrs 23 mins
No Change 38No Change Dark Blight [DB]3 days 11 hrs 34 mins
No Change 39No Change Republic ofC-Andlan [RoFCA]3 days 3 hrs 1 min
No Change 40No Change Terraformers [TFM]2 days 15 hrs 41 mins
No Change 41No Change Infamy [Fam]2 days 14 hrs 49 mins
No Change 42No Change Strendur's Army [~SA~]2 days 7 hrs 13 mins
No Change 43No Change Republic of F.Cities [RoFC]2 days 4 hrs 42 mins
No Change 44No Change The Moving Company [TMC]2 days 3 hrs 32 mins
No Change 45No Change INDOMITI [IND]2 days 10 mins
No Change 46No Change The Willd Bunch [WILD]1 day 10 hrs 28 mins
No Change 47No Change VicToRix Mercator [VTXM]1 day 5 hrs 30 mins
No Change 48No Change Colony Silbeaur [HAVEN]1 day 58 mins
No Change 49No Change Wheel of Time [WoT]22 hrs 48 mins
No Change 50No Change Asatru [Loki]17 hrs 41 mins
No Change 51No Change Semper ad Meliora [{S M}]16 hrs 34 mins
No Change 52No Change Illy Training Ground [ITG]16 hrs 19 mins
No Change 53No Change The Hashashin [SIN]15 hrs
No Change 54No Change Lost Again [LOST]11 hrs 45 mins
No Change 55No Change The Cave [CAVE]9 hrs 51 mins
No Change 56No Change Heroes of the Horn [HOTH]6 hrs 18 mins
No Change 57No Change Blood Moon [MOON]5 hrs 47 mins
No Change 58No Change Invictus [VIC]5 hrs 17 mins
No Change 59No Change TROUT [TROUT]4 hrs 5 mins
No Change 60No Change Divine Wind [DW]4 hrs 2 mins
No Change 61No Change Clan Revlag [Crevl]3 hrs 2 mins
No Change 62No Change Dark Shade [SHARK]2 hrs 39 mins
No Change 63No Change Order of Red Knights [Order]1 hr 30 mins
No Change 64No Change Toothless? [T?]1 hr 23 mins
No Change 65No Change Skittish and Bashful [S&B]1 hr 19 mins
No Change 66No Change Behemoth Empire [B.E]56 mins
No Change 67No Change Dark Star Armory [DSA]28 mins
No Change 68No Change Invictus' Den [DEN]26 mins
No Change 69No Change The Company [TheCo]1 min 

Author: Eowan The Short