Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Thunderdome- A new way of Training

The Phalanx[300] has recently announced  the Thunderdome, a military training area in Vindorel. In it, players are first trained in PvP for around three months and then engage in a last man standing free for all. Each cycle begins on a solstice and the ends on an equinox.
Ten Kulch had the following to say on the Thunderdome:
'Thunderdome solves two major problems in Illyriad. First, the game currently lacks a top notch military training alliance. Our new single city format is an evolution to older traditional training alliance models. Second, Illyriad desperately needs some kind of real PvP outlet that is more complex than tournaments, but less destructive than all-out warfare. People want to explore PvP without the lethality.The equinox and solstice battles should allow players to enjoy a robust PvP experience without it taking six months and consuming billions in gold.'

Phalanx are looking into creating an API scoreboard to help keep track of players' defeats and victories within the Thunderdome.

The coordinates for the Thunderdome are as follows:
x: 604 to 654
y: -2445 to -2495

For more info, visit the The Illyriad Warmonger

Author: Eowan The Short

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