Monday, 2 January 2017

Kul'Gan Doomfist sieged by Goldy1

The siege landed Kul'Gan Doomfist's city of KG 06 ! at 03:25 on the 28th and it was stormed and razed two days later on the 30th. There was no resistance from nCrow due to the fact that Kul'Gan was long inactive.
Cormoran had the following to say on the siege:
'As the city being sieged belongs to an account that has been inactive for years, we are making no effort to defend it; Kul'gan has been notified via e-mail of the situation and does not wish to return.'
This seems to be backed up by nCrow members Rill and Deborahhe's reactions to the siege notification in GC which were to discuss the grammar of 'Hat's off to Loki'.

However, Stukahh claims that this is the beginning of a purge of nCrow from the Broken Lands and is attempting to recruit those interested in bringing down nCrow. He also says that it is only him and Goldy1 who are attacking nCrow. A GC log of this can be found here

Author: Eowan The Short


  1. Well that player might be inactive but it's most definitely a sat account. If it's been inactive for years there wouldn't be 45k spears just hanging around

  2. course it could, not difficult to balance a city out for 45k spears and not have to log on. Assuming it was a genuine innactive account it probably originally had more, and 45k is just what was left after the city has readjusted itself to no player imput or prestige.