Friday, 15 July 2016

Ppjotr Breaks Siege / Goldy1 returns to SIN

A recent RE siege on Ppiotr's city of Pir Urbas was broken by his alt, Ppjotr at 9:36 on the 14th July. Reportedly, the siege break was preceded by a number of elite cavalry hits and then by some larger hits.

I was online at the time of the siege landing and got in touch with Patience King, the sieger and head of RE. His response, which indicated that this was the start of something larger, has been deleted since the siege break. I would ask all players to not delete messages sent to the Telegraph's reporters as it makes writing articles much more difficult as we have to rely on our memories. If you do not want something reported, mention it in the message or in a message afterwards.

The past week has been a tough one for RE; between the 2 razed towns and this siege break, it seems like they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

Goldy1, who defected from SIN on the 25th June and joined TUF on the 27th rejoined SIN on the 11th July. This could indicate that Goldy1 was a spy, sent to keep an eye on TUF's operations.

UPDATE: I am crap at this news thing. I would like to apologise for my earlier accusation of deletion.
Patience King had this to say about the siege:
'The glorious roman empire is sure that the goals of the siege will be met in full, some people may be surprised on the main purpose of the siege but they are to find out in the future.
Rome has lost several isolated towns and participated in a tourney but we are far from spent.
Consul Patience King'
In this, Patience King, indicates that the objective of the siege was not the raze or capture of Pir Urbas. It will be interesting to see whether the result will help RE break TUF's momentum.

Author: Eowan The Short


  1. Well Ewon, if anyone truly believed I was in TUF to fight STUK, Heman, JJ and Chand along with the rest of SIN, you obviously have more issues and need to get your head examined. I have battled next to STUK since the great wars and I'll never turn my back on him or SIN.

    1. Also let it be clear I did this in my own, it was not approved by SIN. ALSO let it be known that I did NOT approach TUF and ask to join, THEY asked me

    2. As I was not privy to any communication between you and the rest of SIN, I did not know if you had had a falling out with the rest of SIN or not.
      I also like to try and assume the best of people, I will not make the same mistake again for you.

  2. I didnt ask you for shit, you aproached me and offered to share scout reports now if josh asked you to join that is cause you stated your goal was to fight sin so go suck some goat balls bitch and fuck off

  3. Lol, ok Aga! I have IGMs that can prove I was the one who was approached. Wanna compare stories? Because I have proof and you don't

  4. Also, I never once told anyone I had a falling out with SIN

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  5. you can compare the size of your twat as much as you like.
    i have no reason to lie but obviously you do.