Wednesday, 15 February 2017

When did it become OK to attack new players?

When I joined Illyriad, and for over a year after that, new players were protected from from attacks, even from small players. Whilst many would argue that it does not make sense to protect new players from other new players, it is almost never a good thing for a large player to attack a small player as they learn nothing and likely end up leaving the game.

However, in the past few weeks, a couple of incidents have come to my attention where a new player gets attacked by a large player.
The first of these was the catalyst for the Storm/WRATH war. After an incident occurred with one of Loki's Jarls of Trouble, a Storm player decided to attack small players in Loki. Small players who did nothing except join Loki.
The second and latest incident is the one which prompted me to write this article. A player called Laird Richard- a two town player with no alliance- was threatened in GC by SoLazy- a player from The End with 29 cities.
A chat log of the threat can be found here

This is not just a threat to attack or siege one of Laird Richard's cites; SoLazy has declared that his intention is to completely noob ring Richard. The total annihilation of a new player for no other reason than they are near a spot SoLazy wants.

One of the best things Illyriad has is the community- that is the thing that has kept me and many others playing. It would be a real shame if the community were to lose the values which made it so friendly and welcoming.

Author: Eowan The Short


  1. If I were Laird Richard, and I were besieged and forced to abandon, I would ruin that terraformed square (88|483) by teleporting on top of it.

    1. Laird Richard already used his teleport

    2. Unfortunate. Petty revenge can be satisfying.

      As to the original topic, I don't think a single n00b siege negates several years of community tradition.

    3. I agree that one noob does not negate the tradition however it was this combined with the storm incident that caused me to think that the traditions might be starting to change. I would rather say that standards have slipped far and get people's attention than say they only have slipped a little and get ignored.

  2. If SoLazy wanted his terraform so bad why weren't there troops or a city on it already? They terra city is gone so why isn't it occupied. Maybe someone should tell the DEVS that square needs to be reverted back to it's original configuration.

  3. I know a player cttggr who was noob ringed in the noob ring for settling in someone's 10 square. They aren't a new player and I didn't ask the other side of the story but it seems like it was overkill.

    When it was happening I figured they must have done something pretty provoking and I didn't want to get in a war with the alliance attacking. When their last town respawned near me I asked if they could use any help rebuilding, so we chatted a little then and they told me it was just a 10 square thing. Knowing GC might take an interest in a similar situation I won't be as shy to at least ask a targeted player if it looks like it's happening another time.

  4. You are a bit late to this. When I started playing I was told the same thing: new players are not attacked, and if they are the community intervenes.
    That might be true but with one glaring exception: Loki. I remember a 2 or 3 town newb updating their profile before abandoning, stating the repeated attacks from Loki ruined the game for them. And Loki players laughing about it in GC with a "Job well done" attitude. There is also the case of Sterling, who Loki started robbing continuously even before he was (I think) 4 months into the game. That eventually escalated to Sterling effectively being noob-ringed by several players of Loki and Sin. Although I do not have names, so I don't know if it's true, I've heard that several other players have been attacked by Loki. Long before the current conflict with Storm. Attacking and stealing from new and weaker players from a position of near invulnerability seems to be the very foundation of Loki. They call it "mischief".
    While Illy might return to a situation where new players are protected, as long as Loki keeps this up I do not see why new Loki players deserve any protection. If you lie down with dogs, and all that. Maybe new players should consider who exactly they are joining?

  5. Sterling was a pretty established player who heavily insulted some players who later founded Loki. I don't think there's anything to find in terms of picking a side between them, other than that personal insults > gameplay attacks. You could make the case Sterling made a game insult, which simply makes the sides equal to me.